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What is Free Knowledge?

Libre/Free Knowledge Foundation (L/FKF) is a non-profit organization founded by some of the Free Software advocates as an independent Iranian group which is named Free Software Users Group (FSUG) based in Tehran, Iran on September 2010. Later FSUG became a part of Libre/Free Knowledge Foundation. L/FKF spreads knowledge freely for all humankind in terms similar to Free Software, and it is open to everyone to join and share their knowledge with society.

From its founding, L/FKF have held weekly sessions and discussions with free software users to study the roots of emergence and growth of free software in the international community. In these meetings, It has been concluded that promoting free software in community requires a more in-depth engagement in all aspects of society. By expanding the factors of the development of free software and analyzing the roots of communication in the free software community and various aspects of free software and society, L/FKF founded the concept of "free knowledge," which is the cause of all social changes, including the creation and expansion of free software. Then, L/FKF's focus shifted from free software toward analyzing and implementing free knowledge as a more general concept which includes free software.

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